July 3rd 2006
Thats right...I sold the Chevelle. I had a lot of fun last year, maybe cause everything was going great...didnt break much & won some races. First pass this year I hurt the motor, all because of a spark plug wire! it didnt end there there were other minor problems & I didnt get a pass in till the end of June. While at the track it just didnt seem fun anymore. The cost & work going into the car was out weighing the enjoyment. 1 day later someone came to look at the car & he bought it the following weekend. He seems to have a lot of drive & is already giving the car some things it needed to be more competitive. I owned the car for 8 years, Im proud of how it turned out & appreciate EVERYONE who offered their help & advise over the years. Especially Matt Christianson, Matt went to 99% of the races & was ALWAYS terrific help at home working on the car & at the track. Wife Julia for NEVER complaining about the money spent, time away or the trailer(which is forsale) in the front of the house. im going to miss the people I raced with & everyone I have met over the years...I have met a lot of very cool people & gained a lot of great friends through racing.

To keep my need for speed satified I bought a Suzuki Hayabusa this week. Its a bike I have always wanted. Not as fast as the Chevelle but still a handful!!

Last "STREET CAR CHAOS" of the year

November 12th 2005
(U.S.41, Morroco IN.)
To end the season we went to the last of the year & first daytime Street car Chaos. The turnout was pretty good, lots of nice street cars. I just went mostly to get into the 8.teens before the season end but there was a 30mph headwind & it just wasnt going to happen. Best ET of the day was an 8.26@159mph, I guess it will have to wait till spring. We had professional race photographer Kelly Pelrine of Digital Race Craft set up shop right in our own trailer & she got some great shots of the whole event.

The rivalry between Dennis Holas & me has not come to an end yet, we had another match race & I won again, Thankfully or I would have to listen to him gloat ALL winter! The race
I guess Dennis is doing some major work to his Chevelle & coming for more in the spring.

I have a few plans for my Chevelle as well...thankfully it wont be as extensive as years past, im not cutting the car up or fixing a destroyed motor this year. The rules are final for next years Topgun race & I have to weigh in at 3250lbs so i am going get some weight out(currently 3320lbs) front & rear fibreglass bumpers will be on the way soon & will look for other places to shed pounds as well. Other than that I have some minor odds & ends to take care of.

2006 looks to be a great year of racing in the midwest with many heads up races popping up..US41 is going to have a Topgun race 1 time per month starting in April & they also are putting up $15,000 purse for the Prostreet final! The NSCA organization is also coming to US41 in July, I have always wanted to run with the NSCA, they have some of the top streetlegal cars in the country competing. I also plan to run a couple OSCA events & a few Street Car Chaos nights & possibly a PRO/NMCA event as well.

I would like to thank Matt Christiansen for all the help throughout the year. Matt helps stage the car, takes video, swaps nitrous bottles, fuels the car & turns wrenches whenever needed. Matt has been to just about every race with me for the last 2 years & is great to have around.

Matt christiansen fueling up for the
next round at the Topgun finals
I had a really fun year of racing, met a lot of really cool people & was successful at reaching my goals for the season. Im looking forward to spring & I will see everyone then.


September 24th 2005
(U.S.41, Morroco IN.)
As expected the $10,000 Prostreet Purse brought out some Big Time Heavy hitters like Johnny Baio, Randy Brown, a few Chicago Outlaw Superstock cars & a huge crowd! There was a 14 car field & we were only able to make 1 qualifying run due to the car failing to start in the 2nd qualifying session but still pulled out a #8 spot. Because fo the "Sportsmen ladder" (I really hate sportsmen ladders!)I was put up against #1 Qualifyer Randy Brown & his awsome 632c.i. 64 Chevelle & went down first round. Randys 7.86@169MPH to my 8.28@163MPH. Randy ended up meeting Bill Houghton's Outlaw Superstock Camaro in the final & pulled out the win & claimed his $5000 payday!

Later in the evening the LONG awaited match race was to take place between Dennis Holas & his GORGEOUS 66 Chevelle & myself! Unfortunatly Dennis just got the car finished & this was the first time to the track with it. I have to give Dennis credit he didnt back down. He wanted the hit off the line & I gave it to him right after two crowd pleasing 300ft long burnouts(I think Dennis won) which resulted in .6 sec difference in reaction time to his favor but I was able to drive around him & take a .493 margin of victory win! Im sure there will be a rematch of this race in the future after Dennis gets some passes on the Chevelle. Dennis & crew did a great job with this car & Im sure it will fly in the future! May the trash talking begin!!!

I would like to thank US 41 for coming up with the HUGE Payouts in all the classes & a great surface to race on! We had an awsome time!!

Big Time Win At VFN Shootout!!!

August 6th 2005
(Wabash valley Dragway, Terre Haute IN.)
We could not put together a full pass in the afternoon heat & qualified last. But after some adjustments in the pits & the sun going down we were able to pull it together & make a string of full passes at the right time. With some good luck on our part we took A win first round over #1 qualifier Johnny Baio & his awsome 69 Camaro & defeating #2 qualifier & VFN season points leader Randy Brown in the final for the upset WIN. Like they say...sometimes its better to be lucky than good!
Back to Back TopGun Shootout wins!

July 8th 2005
(U.S.41, Morroco IN.)
After qualifying last we were able to fight back & took the win in the final vs. the nitrous bigblock powered 80' Malibu of Denny Rich known as "Malabuski"! This TopGun series is a lot of fun & the September 24th final should be an incredible race with a single class $10,000 payout!!
Win at US 41 Top Gun shootout!!

July 1st 2005
(U.S.41, Morroco IN.)
After battling traction problems all season we got it figured out after a great day of testing in late June & pulled off our first win at the Top Gun Shootout. Being consistant on a slick track might have been the key, we ran within .06 all night.
Made it to the semi finals at 1st VFN race

May 8th 2005
(Wabash Valley Dragway, Terra Haute IN.)
After qualifying 4th in the Phreak Street class we won the first round vs. Rob Keller's Camaro with a holeshot win. Second Round drew Matt Madsen's Camaro, a .058 reaction still wasnt enough this time as Matt drove around us for the win & then lost to Randy Brown in the finals. Dennis Holas took these pics of the day. VFN pictures & also this awsome video footage of Tim Linders doing a 330' wheelie!!

April 17th 2005
I got it back from Rob Adler of A-Team Speed Shop in Tinley Pk. Illinois on Wednesday, would have fired it today but it seems when the cam broke in the old motor it bent the distributor housing. Hope to be at the track doing some testing this coming weekend.

March 13th 2005
Julia & I were married on the 12th of March. I want to thank all my friends & family for coming, It was a great turnout (almost 200) & we had a great time.

FEB 4, 2005
Rob Adler of A-Team Speed Shop(708-633-1320), Tinley Pk. Illinois is building another 598c.i. BBC after a Childs & Albert connecting rod failed last summer & destroyed the block, 4 pistons & most of the valvetrain as well as damaging parts from the oilpan to the valvecovers! After doing a great job on the first motor I went to Rob Adler again for the new motor. It will basicly be the same as the old with the exception of Bill Miller connecting rods & a Brodix aluminum block in place of the old Dart iron block. The new block will save approximately 150lbs. off the front of the car. Delivery should be late Febuary-early March.

January 23rd,2005
Dennis Holas & Jason Hart have agreed on a match race to take place this summer. There is a $100 on the line but even bigger are the bragging rights! The race will take place at US 41 during an "Street Car Chaos" event. The date is not known at this point. Check back for an update!